A durable and safe solution for foundation structure

Base plinths and equipment suitable for even the most demanding builders.

Choose BCE’s base plinths for your construction when you want high quality and smooth deliveries that are right on time.

The most flexible solutions for foundational structure on the market – the key to a successful construction and versatile areas of use.

Roof pillars, terrace pillars and other additional building supplies that fit perfectly with our base plinths.

Versatile area of use

Plinths have a wider area of use than is commonly known. BCE´s base plinths are easy to install and make stable foundations whether you want to build a house, or perhaps a shed, a sauna, or even a carport. Our plinths are suitable for many different environments, including the archipelago.

A plinth foundation can also be installed during winter season.

Saumattomasti yhteensopivat tarvikkeet
Pillar shoe, pre-cast threads

Products that go together seamlessly

Did you know that BCE also manufactures accessories that go perfectly with our plinths? BCE’s wide range of accessories offers a lot to choose from!

With the help of a lifting loop, which is screwed into the base plinth, you can easily move the plinth to the right place. All accessories in BCE’s assortment are compatible with our BCE plinths.

With the accessories, it is easy to adjust the height and during the installation phase, adjustments can also be made sideways.

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