Supporting and stable

Regardless of whether you are building a smaller cottage or a large one intended for year-round housing, there are always suitable alternatives within BCE’s wide range of plinths. The load-bearing capacity of the BCE plinths is excellent, and they will stand firmly. They are also very easy and quick to assemble.

Made for various ground surfaces

In the archipelago, the ground is often rocky and uneven, but BCE’s plinths are highly suitable even during these circumstances, and with our plinths, you will be able to build your dream cottage with success. The robust and wide base of the plinths stand firmly on the gravel bed that is laid on the rocks. There are seven different heights to choose from, and thanks to our wide range of accessories, it is possible to make necessary adjustments both in height and sideways.

The base plinths from BCE meet the requirements of all builders. The plinths are easy to transport, and the KP plinths are stackable to ensure easy storage waiting for assembly. Additionally, they will not take up unnecessary space during transportation.

Watch the attached video where BCE has been involved in realizing a builder’s big dream project. The extension to the cottage has been built on the base plinths from BCE.

Base plinths

With BCE, you can ensure that your cottage dream is built on a stable foundation.

A plinth is a load-bearing component in a construction. It serves as a foundation for the cabin and anchors the building to the ground. The foundation can be installed quickly, thanks to BCE's factory-made plinths. As a result, plinth foundations are becoming increasingly popular for different cabins and summer cottages.

Our plinths are available in seven different heights, and since the KP plinths are stackable, they are easy to store and transport. You can safely choose a plinth foundation from BCE regardless of the ground surface.

BCE's plinth foundations are delivered ready-to-use, at the right time, at the right place.

Base plinths


Among BCE's versatile range of accessories, there is always a suitable alternative for a cabin foundation. The pillar shoe is available in two different sizes, and the U-shaped pillar shoe can be used for pillars of various lengths and widths. Our assortment also includes hidden brackets for circumstances where you don't want the pillar shoe to be visible. The L-shaped pillar shoe is an excellent example of a model that works great for attaching the long inner side of a lightweight log cabin.

Our selection also includes beam shoes that can be attached to hang at the base of the plinth. This steel plate, available in two sizes, enables the user to adjust quickly. It's placed vertically against the plinth and is then ready to be screwed into the pre-cast threads of the plinth.

BCE's practical lifting loop and plinth cart are excellent tools when there's no one around to help with moving the plinths.

Base plinths

A well-made foundation of high quality is a requirement for a sturdy and durable terrace.

BCE’s plinths differ from other traditional base plinths on the market, as BCE´s plinths have a wide base which makes them very stable. In addition, the plinths do not need to be dug down because the base stands firmly on the gravel bed. On the prefabricated plinths there are threads for our attachments.

With a plinth foundation, you’re able to build a terrace in a fast, stable, and safe way. With BCE’s long experience in the construction field and user-friendly product development, we guarantee versatile base plinths that meet the needs of even the most demanding builders.

We deliver finished base plinths directly from our warehouse to the construction site—at the right time, in the right place, without compromising the quality.


For BCE’s plinths, there is a wide range of plinth- and beam shoes along with other plinth accessories.

The accessories are easy to attach to the plinths with the help of pre-made rails. Thanks to them, the accessories can be connected to the plinths without visible joints. The accessories are designed to combine plinths and accessories in a way that maximises the areas of use. 

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