The plinth base
for a sauna

Remember that a backyard sauna requires a building permit. Get acquainted with the permit process in your area through your municipality office or the building inspection department. Make sure you set aside time for this early in the planning process!

A backyard sauna should always be built on a solid foundation and therefore a plinth foundation is recommended. The flooring in the sauna also needs to be well ventilated. In Finland, saunas are being used extensively and they must be built to withstand use for many years to come. Therefore, deciding on the foundation for your sauna is highly important.

Within a wide assortment, there’s always the perfect option.

The size of the sauna is crucial when choosing a foundation. The larger the sauna, the greater the capacity of the base plinths must be. With BCE’s wide range of plinths, this is easy. In our assortment, you will always find an alternative that suits your needs.

Avoid time-consuming casting.

Time is money, even when building a sauna. If you want to avoid time-consuming concrete and casting work, we recommend you choose prefabricated BCE-plinths. They are quick and easy to assemble. With compatible beam shoes and other accessories, you can ensure a firm attachment and precise adjustments. Our accessories are easy to attach to the rails of the plinths.

Fast deliveries from our storage.

You do not have to wait for BCE’s plinth deliveries. We deliver all our plinths on time from our own storage here in Ostrobothnia, and you will be throwing löyly faster than you could ever imagine.

Our BCE-experts always help you find the best solution.

Base plinths

When planning a sauna, it's essential to consider the execution of laying the foundation. In Finland, we are frequent users of both the backyard sauna and beach saunas. Therefore, the choice of foundation is of great importance to guarantee a long service life. BCE has delivered plinth foundations for many different types of saunas. Plinths are recommended for sauna foundations, as the sauna floor needs good ventilation. The quality of BCE's plinths meets the needs of the most demanding builder.

The 450 x 450 mm wide bottom of the TP plinths guarantees a stable and solid foundation. The plinth is available in four different heights and can be lifted in place by hand without any additional lifting device.

The factory-made plinths also have pre-cast threads that fit seamlessly with the wide range of accessories, making the process easier for the sauna builder. Compatible accessories ensure a stable fit and make it easy to make precise adjustments, height and sideways.

Build the backyard or beach sauna of your dreams – BCE is happy to be a part of realizing your dreams.

Base plinths


BCE offers a wide range of pillar and beam shoes, along with other types of accessories compatible with our plinths.

The pre-cast threads in all our plinths allow for smooth and seamless attachment of the accessories. The small L-shaped pillar shoe can, for instance, be used for the long side of a lightweight log sauna for internal attachment. This pillar shoe is not visible from the outside, and inside the building, it is hidden within the floor during the construction phase.

Base plinths

A well-made foundation of high quality is a requirement for a sturdy and durable terrace.

BCE’s plinths differ from other traditional base plinths on the market, as BCE´s plinths have a wide base which makes them very stable. In addition, the plinths do not need to be dug down because the base stands firmly on the gravel bed. On the prefabricated plinths there are threads for our attachments.

With a plinth foundation, you’re able to build a terrace in a fast, stable, and safe way. With BCE’s long experience in the construction field and user-friendly product development, we guarantee versatile base plinths that meet the needs of even the most demanding builders.

We deliver finished base plinths directly from our warehouse to the construction site—at the right time, in the right place, without compromising the quality.


For BCE’s plinths, there is a wide range of plinth- and beam shoes along with other plinth accessories.

The accessories are easy to attach to the plinths with the help of pre-made rails. Thanks to them, the accessories can be connected to the plinths without visible joints. The accessories are designed to combine plinths and accessories in a way that maximises the areas of use. 

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