Base plinths
for carports

The material of the carport and the strength of the timber affect how many base plinths are required. It is easy to find the right alternative in BCE’s plinth range since you can choose between seven different alternatives with different heights and load-bearing capacity.

Our experts are happy to help you choose just the right plinth and accessories needed for a successful structure. As well as calculate the number of plinths needed for a perfect result.

Easy to store temporarily

If the plinths need to be stored waiting for installation, it’s possible to stack the plinths on top of each other to avoid them taking up unnecessary space.

Take advantage of our wide range of accessories

Different mounting options provide flexibility when laying a foundation. BCE’s wide and versatile range of accessories also enables accurate side and height adjustments, as the prefabricated plinths have rails for easy attachment.

A broad assortment makes deciding easy.

BCE’s broad range of plinths are made so that you’ll always be able to find the right alternative for your needs. A good assortment simplifies the builder’s choice!

Base plinths

Are you planning to build a carport for one or two cars? BCE's plinths make perfect foundations for this purpose and, in cases, when building a combined carport and storage space. And it's easy to understand why! Constructing your own carport is quite common, and BCE's plinths make for smooth and easy instalment. Additionally, there's no need for separate casting.

The KP plinths from BCE are stackable, so there's no need for more extensive storage space. When building a carport, the plinths are often left visible. BCE's factory-made plinths are visually presentable and will give the whole front yard a facelift.

A well-executed, high-quality plinth foundation is a safe solution for your carport.

Base plinths


BCE's wide range of pillar and beam shoes and accessories will help your DIY project considerably. The plinths have pre-cast threads that seamlessly fit the accessories, enabling quick and easy attachment.

Among BCE's accessories, there are various adjustable pillar shoes. The possibility of precise adjustments during the construction phase, both in height and lateral, makes the BCE pillar shoes unique. The wooden pillars supporting carports and similar structures are the most common areas of use for these types of pillar shoes.

Base plinths

A well-made foundation of high quality is a requirement for a sturdy and durable terrace.

BCE’s plinths differ from other traditional base plinths on the market, as BCE´s plinths have a wide base which makes them very stable. In addition, the plinths do not need to be dug down because the base stands firmly on the gravel bed. On the prefabricated plinths there are threads for our attachments.

With a plinth foundation, you’re able to build a terrace in a fast, stable, and safe way. With BCE’s long experience in the construction field and user-friendly product development, we guarantee versatile base plinths that meet the needs of even the most demanding builders.

We deliver finished base plinths directly from our warehouse to the construction site—at the right time, in the right place, without compromising the quality.


For BCE’s plinths, there is a wide range of plinth- and beam shoes along with other plinth accessories.

The accessories are easy to attach to the plinths with the help of pre-made rails. Thanks to them, the accessories can be connected to the plinths without visible joints. The accessories are designed to combine plinths and accessories in a way that maximises the areas of use. 

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