Plinth foundations
for outbuildings

BCE’s plinths are an excellent choice for building lightweight buildings such as outbuildings.

Make sure the ground is level and free from frost. If there’s a risk of ground frost, you can start by filling up a gravel bed. In this way, you ensure that the building is functioning during all seasons.

Why choose base plinths from BCE?

BCE’s plinths are of high quality, stable and quick to assemble. The result will look just as great whether you choose to leave the base plinths visible or not.

The number and size of the plinths are determined based on the size of the outbuilding. With BCE’s wide range of plinths, things are sure to run smoothly. Within our assortment, you will always find options that suit your needs.

Accurate adjustments and easy to schedule

BCE’s plinths are complemented with a wide range of accessories. Thanks to them, precise adjustments can be made in both height and sideways. Accessories that are attached to the plinths without visible joints save both time and money because you can adjust the height with the help of the plinths instead of changing the ground level.

BCE-experter vägleder dig gärna så att du kan hitta den bästa grundlösningen för dina gårdsbyggnader. Med oss bygger du vilken gårdsbyggnad som helst!

Base plinths

A functional plinth foundation of high quality is a safe and natural solution for outbuildings. Concrete plinths from BCE differ entirely from the traditional base plinths available on the market. Thanks to their wide bottom, they are incredibly stable. The plinths don't have to be dug into the ground before installation – they will stand firmly on the gravel bed. In addition, our factory-made plinths have pre-cast threads compatible with our accessories.

In cases where the building is not supposed to be heated, it's recommended that the floor is well ventilated. A plinth foundation is a high-quality and quickly assembled solution for outbuildings, woodsheds, gazebos, and playhouses.

The TP plinths are available in 4 different heights and are perfect for lighter structures. Among them, it's easy to find a plinth of the right size with the correct load-bearing ability for your structure. In addition, builders often choose a plinth foundation because of its fast and smooth installation – without compromising quality.

With BCE, you can find the right foundation solution for your outbuilding.

Base plinths


As one of its main assets, BCE offers a wide range of pillar and beam shoes and other accessories suitable for our plinths. The pre-cast threads in all our plinths allow for smooth and seamless attachment of the accessories. Since no separate drainage is needed, you save both time and money.

For example, you can choose the small L-shaped pillar shoe with hidden brackets. The advantage of this particular pillar shoe is that it is not visible from the outside.

Among BCE's accessories, you will also find the lifting loop, which is screwed onto the plinths and makes it easy to move the plinth around. For example, you can insert a bar through the lifting loop, and in this way, two people can easily carry the plinth to its proper place.

Base plinths

A well-made foundation of high quality is a requirement for a sturdy and durable terrace.

BCE’s plinths differ from other traditional base plinths on the market, as BCE´s plinths have a wide base which makes them very stable. In addition, the plinths do not need to be dug down because the base stands firmly on the gravel bed. On the prefabricated plinths there are threads for our attachments.

With a plinth foundation, you’re able to build a terrace in a fast, stable, and safe way. With BCE’s long experience in the construction field and user-friendly product development, we guarantee versatile base plinths that meet the needs of even the most demanding builders.

We deliver finished base plinths directly from our warehouse to the construction site—at the right time, in the right place, without compromising the quality.


For BCE’s plinths, there is a wide range of plinth- and beam shoes along with other plinth accessories.

The accessories are easy to attach to the plinths with the help of pre-made rails. Thanks to them, the accessories can be connected to the plinths without visible joints. The accessories are designed to combine plinths and accessories in a way that maximises the areas of use. 

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