Plinth foundations
for terraces

Here we explain why BCE’s plinth foundations are excellent for terrace construction. You will also find answers to frequently asked questions from do-it-yourself builders, and lots of other useful information.

Paying special attention to the foundation, already in the planning stage of the terrace, always pays off. The foundation must be both solid and dimensioned to be able to cope with any changes in the future.

When you want a foundation that is both simple and quick to assemble, as well as dimensioned for future needs, the foundation plinths from BCE are an absolute must.

If you want, you can choose to leave the BCE plinths visible under the terrace since it looks great.

Our wide range of plinths has a variety of uses. The material of the terrace affects the requirement for the load-bearing capacity of the plinths, and in the BCE range you will always find the right alternative for your needs. If the terrace is glazed, it means a higher load which then requires plinths with a higher load-bearing capacity.

The size of the terrace and the weight of the frame affect how many plinths are required.

What about the timetable?

The prefabricated plinths are delivered from our warehouse in Ostrobothnia at the exact right moment. With BCE’s foundations plinths, we stick to the set schedule. The plinths can be installed in just a few hours as no casting is required.

Foundation in the winter?

Yes, it’s possible! Since the plinths are prefabricated, the foundation can also be made in the winter. The prefabricated plinths are easily put in place in while doing the groundwork.

In the videos below you will find excellent instructions on how to make a foundation for a terrace. You will also find everything you need to know about how to build a terrace. Our terrace master Arto Puikkonen introduces you step by step to the details of building a terrace. Take advantage of the advice from a professional!

Welcome on board! Check out the videos about building a functional and high-quality terrace. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced builder, you will find useful tips and answers to many important questions.

Arto Puikkonen, who has been terrace master for Kesko since 2011, gives detailed instructions on how to build a terrace, step by step.

Base plinths

One of the main requirements for your terrace to have a long service life is having a high-quality foundation that's been well-executed.

Concrete plinths from BCE differ entirely from the traditional base plinths available on the market. Thanks to their wide bottom, they are incredibly stable. The plinths don't have to be dug into the ground before installation – they will stand firmly on the gravel bed. In addition, our factory-made plinths have pre-cast threads compatible with our accessories.

Building a terrace with the help of base plinths is a fast, safe, and stable alternative. BCE has long experience within the construction industry and a product development known for taking the user's needs into account. They are ensuring that the base plinths are versatile and meet the needs of even the most demanding builder.

We deliver our plinths directly from our warehouse, ready to use immediately upon arrival at the construction site. Delivery is always according to schedule, fuss-free without compromising on quality.

Base plinths


BCE offers a wide range of pillar and beam shoes, along with other types of accessories compatible with our plinths.

The pre-cast threads in all our plinths allow for smooth and seamless attachment of the accessories.

The adjustable U-shaped beam shoe works well for terrace frames where one plank is used instead of two. The small L-shaped beam shoe, on the other hand, is a perfect alternative for attaching the intermediate boards of the terrace frame and in cases when no double-sided U-shaped beam shoe is needed.

Base plinths

A well-made foundation of high quality is a requirement for a sturdy and durable terrace.

BCE’s plinths differ from other traditional base plinths on the market, as BCE´s plinths have a wide base which makes them very stable. In addition, the plinths do not need to be dug down because the base stands firmly on the gravel bed. On the prefabricated plinths there are threads for our attachments.

With a plinth foundation, you’re able to build a terrace in a fast, stable, and safe way. With BCE’s long experience in the construction field and user-friendly product development, we guarantee versatile base plinths that meet the needs of even the most demanding builders.

We deliver finished base plinths directly from our warehouse to the construction site—at the right time, in the right place, without compromising the quality.


For BCE’s plinths, there is a wide range of plinth- and beam shoes along with other plinth accessories.

The accessories are easy to attach to the plinths with the help of pre-made rails. Thanks to them, the accessories can be connected to the plinths without visible joints. The accessories are designed to combine plinths and accessories in a way that maximises the areas of use. 

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